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Harrison Ford under FAA investigation after LA runway incident

written by Sandy Milne | April 30, 2020

Harrison Ford is being investigated by the FAA after the 77-year-old crossed a runway at a Los Angeles airport against ATC instructions.

An avid aviation enthusiast, Ford was flying an Aviat Husky last Friday when told to hold short of the runway at Hawthorne Airport in Los Angeles County, California.

According to a statement subsequently released by the FAA, the Star Wars and Indiana Jones actor did not follow instructions from ATC, causing his aircraft to cut across the landing path of another plane.

The regulator also stated that the planes were roughly 1,100 metres apart at this point and that there was no material danger to either pilot.

A spokesman for Ford apologised on behalf of the actor, stating that Ford had “misheard” ATC. An unverified audio clip of the interaction has circulated on several celebrity-focused outlets such as TMZ, in which the actor can be heard stating this to be the case.

“The purpose of the flight was to maintain currency and proficiency in the aircraft. No one was injured and there was never any danger of a collision,” said the actor’s spokesman.


Ford has previously made headlines for aviation safety incidents four separate times.

In 2017, the actor landed on Taxiway C at California’s John Wayne Airport, narrowly missing an American Airlines plane with 110 passengers and crew onboard.

In 2015, Ford suffered “multiple gashes to the head” after crash-landing his Ryan Aeronautical ST3KR on a Santa Monica golf course.

Years prior, he crash-landed a helicopter during a training flight in LA (1999) as well as a fixed-wing aircraft in Nebraska (2000).


  • Will Rodriguez


    Take his licence off him whilst the investigation takes place. The FAA can decide to hand back at their discretion.

  • John Dela


    How many incidents must you be involved in before your licence to fly is revoked? Too late after a fatality.

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