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Inaugural FOSAA conference signals rising tide for amphibious aviation industry
Future of Aviation

The Future Opportunities for Seaplanes and Amphibious Aviation (FOSAA) conference, organized by Quaynote Communications and Arena Group, successfully debuted in Venice on March 20, 2024, confirming the growing demand for a dedicated event focusing on the resurgent seaplane and amphibious aviation sector. The one-day conference attracted commercial stakeholders from across the globe, including Asia, Europe,

Biometrics: Unlocking the future of air travel
Future of Aviation

From the modest beginnings of air travel in the 1930s, when only a handful of passengers took to the skies, to the staggering projection of 8 billion travelers by 2040, the aviation industry is on the cusp of a significant transformation. A new white paper by SITA, titled ‘Face the Future,’ delves into how biometric

Eve Air Mobility unveils Vector, its Urban Air Traffic Management software solution
Business Aviation

Eve Air Mobility, a leading developer of Urban Air Traffic Management (Urban ATM) solutions for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) operations, has unveiled the name of its software, Vector, at the Airspace World in Geneva. Vector is an agnostic software solution designed to address the unique air traffic and network management challenges of current and future

Stratolaunch successfully flies its first hypersonic test vehicle
Future of Aviation

Stratolaunch, a leading innovator in aerospace technology, has marked a significant achievement with the successful powered flight of its Talon-A test vehicle, TA-1, on March 9, 2024. This event represents a major step forward in the United States’ efforts to develop the first privately funded, reusable hypersonic test capability. The flight test of TA-1 was

Professional investors forecast eVTOL commercial passenger routes to debut by 2026
Future of Aviation

A new comprehensive study conducted by Horizon Aircraft, revealed that global investors are optimistic about the future of electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft, predicting the advent of commercial passenger routes as soon as 2026. This optimism stems from the belief that technological and regulatory advancements in the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) sector will

Stratolaunch progresses with second successful captive carry flight of hypersonic vehicle
Business Aviation

In a significant stride towards advancing hypersonic flight technology, Stratolaunch has successfully carried out its second captive carry flight featuring the TA-1, the first powered Talon-A hypersonic vehicle. This landmark event, which took place in Mojave, California, marks not only the thirteenth flight of Stratolaunch’s launch platform, Roc, but also its second instance of transporting


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