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Airbus Helicopters details emergency battery system in patent

written by Sandy Milne | July 29, 2020

Airbus Helicopters H160 (Airbus).

Airbus Helicopters has applied for a patent covering an emergency battery system for single-engined rotorcraft with the European Patent Office.

Comprising a 40 kilogram battery pack and electric motor, the system is designed to rapidly detect engine failure and respond with activation of the back-up system.

The filing states that engine failure would be noted “before it is too late”, almost instantly providing back-up power to assist with autorotation and landing.

Airbus also provides further insight into the system in the patent filing, stating that the technology comes complete with a disarming feature that allows pilots to switch it off for training sorties. On top of monitoring for engine failure, it is hoped the sensors might be able to gauge numerous other parameters, like temperature, pressure, or engine RPM.

The filing also details regulatory benefits of the system, which would allow aircraft to take off with increased loads and comply with a European ban on the overflight of larger built-up areas.

The company has previously disclosed plans to test a back-up system aboard an H130 light-single next year, hoping to provide two minutes of emergency power.

Throughout the crisis, Airbus Helicopters has pushed ahead with a number of patent filings. Several weeks ago, a similar filing was published – covering a device to automatically regulate the power plant of a rotary wing aircraft.


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