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Podcast: The first helicopter on a foreign planet takes to Martian skies

written by Robyn Tongol | April 22, 2021

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter captured this shot as it hovered over the Martian surface on April 19, 2021, during the first instance of powered, controlled flight on another planet. It used its navigation camera, which autonomously tracks the ground during flight (NASA)

It’s one for the history books!

In an exceptional feat of engineering, NASA has flown the first rotorcraft on the surface of another planet, with its solar-powered and remotely operated helicopter Ingenuity taking to the Martian skies for 39 seconds.

In this episode of the World of Aviation Podcast, host Adam Thorn and reporter Hannah Dowling discuss the history-making event, as well as Ryanair’s cheeky ploy to stop traditional airlines from being bailed out by European countries.

Finally, the team talk about Boeing’s week of bad luck following a slew of lawsuits over its Air Force One contract, and even more electrical faults located in the ever-embattled 737 MAX.


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