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Singapore Airlines soars with increased passenger and cargo traffic in December

written by Newsdesk | January 16, 2024

Singapore Airlines soars with increased passenger and cargo traffic in December
A PW4000-powered Singapore Airlines Cargo 747-400. rob finlayson

In the bustling travel period marking the end of 2023, the emblematic Singapore Airlines Group has reported significant increases in travel demand. The December operating results shine a spotlight on the airline’s capacity to attract passengers and meet cargo demand during this peak season.

The Group’s passenger load factor, a key indicator of efficiency in filling seats, reached an admirable 89.4%. Both the flagship Singapore Airlines and its low-cost counterpart, Scoot, demonstrated impressive load factors, clocking in at 88.7% and 91.7% respectively. This is in conjunction with a substantial 15.8% year-on-year growth in passenger traffic, complemented by a passenger capacity increment of 16.1%.


2023 2022 Change
Available seat-km (million) 11,388.60 9,864.80 15.4 %
Revenue passenger-km (million) 10,106.50 8,791.20 15.0 %
Passengers carried (thousand) 2,224.70 1,769.20 25.7 %
Passenger load factor (%) 88.7 89.1 -0.4 pt
Load Factor by Route Region (%)
East Asia 89 88.1 0.9 pt
The Americas 88.7 86.3 2.4 pts
Europe 86.4 88 -1.6 pts
South West Pacific 91.5 94.6 -3.1 pts
West Asia and Africa 87.2 89 -1.8 pts
Available seat-km (million) 3,274.60 2,766.80 18.4 %
Revenue passenger-km (million) 3,003.50 2,534.80 18.5 %
Passengers carried (thousand) 1,119.90 920.3 21.7 %
Passenger load factor (%) 91.7 91.6 0.1 pt
Load Factor by Route Region (%)
East Asia 90.6 89.7 0.9 pt
West Asia 91.9 94 -2.1 pts
Rest of the World 94.8 93.9 0.9 pt
Available seat-km (million) 14,663.30 12,631.60 16.1 %
Revenue passenger-km (million) 13,110.00 11,326.00 15.8 %
Passengers carried (thousand) 3,344.60 2,689.50 24.4 %
Passenger load factor (%) 89.4 89.7 -0.3 pt
Gross capacity (million tonne-km) 862.6 842.7 2.4 %
Cargo load (million tonne-km) 453.4 457.5 -0.9 %
Cargo and mail carried (million kg) 82.8 79.4 4.3 %
Cargo load factor (%) 52.6 54.3 -1.7 pts
Load Factor by Route Region (%)
East Asia 47.1 52.6 -5.5 pts
The Americas 53.6 50.8 2.8 pts
Europe 59.7 65.6 -5.9 pts
South West Pacific 45 44.7 0.3 pt
West Asia and Africa 65.8 56 9.8 pts


Available seat-km = Number of available seats x distance flown (in km)

Revenue passenger-km = Number of passengers carried x distance flown (in km)

Passenger load factor = Revenue passenger-km expressed as a percentage of available seat-km

Gross capacity = Cargo capacity production (in tonnes) x distance flown (in km)

Cargo load = Cargo and mail load carried (in tonnes) x distance flown (in km)

Cargo load factor = Cargo and mail load (in tonne-km) expressed as a percentage of gross capacity (in tonne-km)

A total of 3.3 million passengers were welcomed onboard the two carriers during December, marking a 24.4% surge from the previous year. This uptick in passenger volumes further illustrates the Group’s successful recovery and attractive positioning in the competitive airline market.

Cargo transport, fueled by a boost in e-commerce demand, witnessed a year-on-year growth of 4.3%. Despite this positive traction, the cargo load factor did experience a slight dip to 52.6%, falling by 1.7 percentage points. This reduction is attributed to the expansion of passenger services, which subsequently led to an increase in available belly hold capacity for cargo.

Additionally, Singapore Airlines celebrated the resumption of services to Xiamen within the month, exemplifying the Group’s ongoing efforts to expand and rejuvenate its network. At December’s close, the Group’s passenger network spanned 121 destinations across 35 countries and territories. Singapore Airlines flaunted connectivity to 76 destinations, with Scoot not far behind at 67 destinations. The cargo network also boasted an extensive reach, covering 126 destinations in 37 countries and territories.

Singapore Airlines Group’s December performance echoes its enduring dedication to expanding its global footprint and reinforcing its status as a foremost choice for international travelers and cargo shippers alike.


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