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Hungary’s air force soars into the future with the debut flight of the C-390 Millennium

written by Newsdesk | February 14, 2024

Hungary's air force soars into the future with the debut flight of the C-390 MillenniumThe Hungarian Air Force’s first C-390 Millennium aircraft has soared through its inaugural flight in Gavião Peixoto, Brazil, marking a significant step forward for Hungary’s military aviation capabilities. Conducted by the Embraer Defense & Security team, the maiden voyage lasted roughly four hours on February 9, 2024, allowing for a thorough evaluation of the aircraft’s features. This initial flight kicks off a series of tests in preparation for the plane’s integration into the Hungarian Air Force.

Bosco da Costa Junior, President and CEO of Embraer Defense & Security, shared his enthusiasm about the milestone, stating, “This maiden flight is a major milestone for the Hungarian C-390 program.” He highlighted the aircraft’s growing international acclaim for its operational performance and capabilities. Costa Junior further expressed Embraer’s pride in partnering with the Hungarian Defence Forces to enhance their airlift capabilities and committed to a long-standing relationship to support their future needs.

In a strategic move to bolster its military air transport, Hungary inked a deal with Embraer in November 2020 for two C-390 aircraft. Unique among its peers, the Hungarian Defence Forces’ versions of the plane will be the first globally to include an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), equipping them for a variety of humanitarian missions. The acquisition places Hungary as the third country to opt for the C-390 Millennium, joining Brazil and Portugal, with additional nations such as the Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic, and South Korea also aligning themselves with the versatile aircraft.

The C-390 Millennium stands out in the military air transport sector due to its capability to carry a larger payload of up to 26 tons, outpacing other medium-sized military transport craft in speed (470 knots) and range. It is designed for multifaceted missions, including cargo and troop transport, humanitarian efforts, aerial refueling, and more—operating effectively even on lesser-prepared runways.

Since its induction with the Brazilian Air Force in 2019, followed by the Portuguese Air Force in 2023, the C-390 has demonstrated exceptional operational reliability and performance. With over 11,500 flight hours logged by the current fleet, the aircraft boasts an operational availability of around 80% and a mission completion rate surpassing 99%, underlining its productivity and capability in the military aviation realm.


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