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Integral E’s successful power-on signals a new era in eco-friendly aviation

written by Newsdesk | February 20, 2024

Integral E's successful power-on signals a new era in eco-friendly aviation

The INTEGRAL E, a pioneering two-seater electric aircraft developed by AURA AERO, has reached a significant milestone with a successful power-on event at the Toulouse-Francazal airport. This event marks an important step towards the inaugural flight of the aircraft, demonstrating significant progress in the realm of sustainable aviation technology. The power-on ceremony was attended by a diverse group including AURA AERO’s teams, investors, partners, customers, journalists, and numerous institutional representatives. It also had the support of French navigator Louis Burton, who praised AURA AERO’s commitment to eco-friendly innovations in aviation.

Achieving the power-on, the first propeller revolution, and the first roll-out of INTEGRAL E is a major industrial accomplishment for AURA AERO. The company has outlined that the INTEGRAL E will start its flight test campaign in the upcoming weeks, with plans to introduce the INTEGRAL electric range into service by 2026. This development is vital for the ERA program, which aims to produce a 19-seater regional transport aircraft, revealing AURA AERO’s dedication to mastering electric propulsion technology for broader applications.

Jérémy Caussade, President and co-founder of AURA AERO, expressed his excitement and gratitude towards the project’s supporters. “The first power-on of INTEGRAL E represents a very intense moment in the history of AURA AERO, a history which we are writing each day, with our teams and with the support of all those who are alongside us,” said Caussade. He specifically thanked the Occitanie Region for their early support of the INTEGRAL project since 2019, along with INNOVACOM, the BPI, investors, and friends who contributed financially to the project’s launch. Caussade also highlighted the start of a second fund-raising campaign aimed at accelerating the project’s development.

Louis Burton, the event’s patron and a dedicated advocate for decarbonizing sailing, shared his pride in sponsoring the INTEGRAL E project. “Modern aviation has helped pioneers accelerate their discovery of the world and has enabled people over the world to meet, I am proud and honored to sponsor INTEGRAL E by AURA AERO, a company that works so this remains possible, while addressing climate challenges,” stated Burton.

AURA AERO is currently producing around twelve INTEGRAL aircraft, in anticipation of the certification of INTEGRAL R and S models, and the first customer deliveries expected this year. Additionally, a tow-plane version of INTEGRAL E is being developed in partnership with the French Gliding Federation (FFVP), positioning it as the first French electric tow-plane. This development aims to offer a modern, economic, and eco-friendly solution to reduce the noise and carbon footprint associated with towing activities.


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