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Investor confidence key to eVTOL public support, study finds

written by Newsdesk | February 14, 2024

Next-gen air travel takes flight: Horizon locks in $250M deal for cutting-edge eVTOL aircraftA recent study conducted by Horizon Aircraft has unveiled growing confidence among global professional investors in the burgeoning electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) industry. This research, capturing insights from investors across Japan, the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, reveals a strong belief that public support for eVTOL aircraft will notably increase over the next three years. Nearly three-quarters of the respondents (73%) anticipate this uplift in public confidence, with 15% predicting a significant surge.

The sentiment toward eVTOLs, such as Horizon’s Cavorite X7 – a hybrid-electric aircraft designed for multiple applications including medevac and cargo operations, reflects a broader acceptance of the importance of professional pilots in ensuring the safety and reliability of these future modes of transport.

Horizon Aircraft, in its quest to revolutionise air mobility, is shaping the future of transportation through the development of its Cavorite X7 aircraft. This seven-seat capacity vehicle, which also accommodates a pilot, distinguishes itself with a hybrid electric power system and the capability to recharge its batteries mid-flight. Designed for both efficiency and versatility, the Cavorite X7 aims to set new standards in medical evacuation, business aviation, commercial cargo sectors, and beyond.

Brandon Robinson, CEO of Horizon Aircraft, underscored the critical role of public trust and investor support in advancing the eVTOL sector. “Potential customers and passengers need to be confident that eVTOLs will be safe and will have a business use in order for investors to support the sector and the study shows there is growing confidence,” he explained. According to Robinson, ensuring that eVTOLs are piloted by qualified professionals is pivotal for bolstering public confidence and attracting investment.

Despite the optimistic outlook, the industry acknowledges the importance of ongoing trials, regulatory advancements, and corporate endorsements to further strengthen public and investor trust. With 76% of investors identifying pilot involvement as crucial for increased public confidence, it’s clear that the path forward involves not only technological innovation but also human expertise.

As the sector continues to navigate towards commercialisation, the collaborative efforts between investors, regulators, and companies like Horizon Aircraft will be instrumental in realising the full potential of eVTOL technology for enhancing global mobility solutions.


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