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Deutsche Aircraft hosts NL EASP AIR’s entire D328® fleet for maintenance and collaboration

written by Newsdesk | March 4, 2024

Deutsche Aircraft and NL EASP AIR strengthen their partnership with the full transfer of D328® turboprop fleet
The complete NL EASP AIR D328® Turboprop fleet in front of the Deutsche Aircraft Hangar in Oberpfaffenhofen

Deutsche Aircraft has welcomed NL EASP AIR’s complete D328® turboprop aircraft fleet to its facilities at Oberpfaffenhofen Airport. This move signifies a deepening of the already robust partnership between the prestigious aircraft manufacturer and the Dutch special missions operator, NL EASP AIR. Specializing in aerial maritime surveillance, search and rescue (SAR) operations, among other critical missions, NL EASP AIR has entrusted Deutsche Aircraft with the maintenance and support of its specialized fleet.

With operational bases at Schiphol International Airport and Den Helder Airport, NL EASP AIR’s fleet of three D328® turboprops is currently undergoing a routine maintenance schedule at Deutsche Aircraft’s hangar. This occasion has also provided an opportunity for the operational crews of both companies to engage directly, potentially fostering further collaboration.

Nico Neumann, the COO of Deutsche Aircraft, highlighted the value brought by this collaborative maintenance effort. “The high-quality support services provided by Deutsche Aircraft not only guarantees the excellent performance of the D328® but also ensures first-rate dispatch reliability in many commuter and charter operations across the globe,” he explained. His statement underscored the critical nature of the missions supported by NL EASP AIR and the essential role of reliable maintenance in ensuring their success.

Pieter Voeten, CEO of NL EASP AIR, offered his perspective on the partnership, emphasizing its importance for their operations. “To carry out our critical tasks, NL EASP AIR relies on the D328® special mission turboprop aircraft which is equipped with advanced sensors and systems,” Voeten said. His comments highlighted the reliance on Deutsche Aircraft for maintaining operational safety and cost-efficiency.

The collaboration has also facilitated technological advancements, such as the integration of the In-Flight Operable Door (IFOD) developed by AeroRescue. With EASA certification, this modification enhances the versatility of the D328® for various missions globally.

As Deutsche Aircraft hosts NL EASP AIR’s D328® fleet, both organizations anticipate the continued success and further development of their partnership. This relationship not only underpins the operational capabilities of NL EASP AIR but also demonstrates Deutsche Aircraft’s role in supporting specialized aviation operations worldwide.


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