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Emirates and Butterfly Aero Training’s innovative technologies clinch the 2024 IATA CBTA Center Innovation Award

written by Newsdesk | March 14, 2024

Emirates and Butterfly Aero Training's innovative technologies clinch the 2024 IATA CBTA Center Innovation Award

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has bestowed the 2024 Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) Center Innovation Awards upon Emirates and Butterfly Aero Training, highlighting their significant contributions towards innovating air transport training. This accolade was announced during the World Cargo Symposium (WCS) held in Hong Kong.

Butterfly Aero Training set a benchmark with its development of an AI ChatBot, designed to function as a virtual instructor within its training modules. This cutting-edge tool is tailored to meet the individual needs of learners by offering personalized, interactive learning sessions, effectively mimicking real-time interactions and inquiries. Such an approach not only fosters an engaging learning environment but also streamlines the educational experience to be more efficient.

On the other hand, Emirates made significant strides with the creation of a Mobile App focused on the safe carriage of lithium batteries. Named the Li-Battery Acceptance App, this innovation works alongside conventional classroom training to provide instant, clear instructions for transporting lithium batteries, taking into account their quantity and power. This initiative showcases Emirates’ commitment to enhancing the safety protocols within the air transport sector, specifically regarding the handling and transportation of potentially hazardous materials.

Frederic Leger, IATA’s Senior Vice President of Commercial Products and Services, praised the contributions of both entities. “Butterfly Aero Training and Emirates have risen to the challenge with forward-thinking approaches that not only meet the current demands of the industry but also adeptly position them to meet the challenges of tomorrow,” Leger remarked. He also noted the evolving needs within the air cargo sector, particularly around the safe handling of dangerous goods, and commended both organizations for their innovation.

The selection for the awards was a thorough process undertaken by an independent jury that included industry experts, IATA representatives, and independent validators. The criteria for adjudication encompassed innovation, sustainability, user-friendliness, feasibility for implementation, and proven effectiveness.

Launched in 2023, the IATA CBTA Center Innovation Awards aim to encourage members of the IATA CBTA Network, comprised of 208 centers, to introduce and implement solutions that bolster operational efficiency, safety, and sustainability within the air transport industry.


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