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Adam Thorn AUTHOR
Ex-air force pilots may have trained Chinese military

The Times of London on Tuesday reported that former RAF personnel were being paid over US$300,000, a year to help China “develop its tactics and technological expertise”.

US B-2s leave northern Australia

It comes as the US marked the occasion by releasing incredible new images showing aircraft from the two countries flying together in formation.

Singapore Airlines restarts routes to China

The airline has also released figures showing another successful month in their steady climb back to pre-pandemic levels.

Northrop Grumman unveils ‘supersonic aircraft’ project
Future of Aviation

The aircraft will be designed to carry up to 80 passengers at twice the speed of currently deployed platforms, with the potential to support government and military missions requiring rapid response.

Branson visits Antonov AN-225 airport in Ukraine

The six-engine behemoth — dubbed 'Mriya', or 'Dream' in Ukrainian — was the world’s largest cargo plane and a favourite of enthusiasts worldwide.

NASA seeks partner to make low-emission narrowbody

The agency said it would fund one or more projects to design, build and test a “large-scale demonstrator,” which is scheduled to include an airframe configuration and related technologies.

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