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THE DITCHING OF AUSTRALIAN AVIATION GOVERNANCE PART 2 When was the last time you did something that, in hindsight, you thought was foolish, stupid, not consistent with your normal behaviour, and possibly something that made you feel a little embarrassed about afterwards? One of my experiences (a little over 20 years ago, but it only […]


Think about the reason you’re reading this article. I suspect, like myself, your passion for all things aviation began at a young age. Perhaps it was influenced by a family member already working in the industry, or it seemed part of your genetic makeup – something flowing in your veins. For me it began when […]


The significant impact of fatigue Last issue we highlighted the significant impact fatigue can have on crews. In the case of the Pel-Air Westwind ditching, the aircraft captain, having obtained only 3–3½ hours of average quality sleep, displayed a fixation on a simple plan to land. He and the remainder of the crew were too […]

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