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Part 2: Fatigue and the Pel Air Ditching
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THE DITCHING OF AUSTRALIAN AVIATION GOVERNANCE PART 2 When was the last time you did something that, in hindsight, you thought was foolish, stupid, not consistent with your normal behaviour, and possibly something that made you feel a little embarrassed about afterwards? One of my experiences (a little over 20 years ago, but it only

Part 1: Pel-Air revisited – The ditching of Australian aviation governance

Think about the reason you’re reading this article. I suspect, like myself, your passion for all things aviation began at a young age. Perhaps it was influenced by a family member already working in the industry, or it seemed part of your genetic makeup – something flowing in your veins. For me it began when

Part 4 of the Pel-Air ditching re-visited: the effects of ego and power

Continuing our review of the Pel-Air ditching, this issue we look into the complex influence of ego and power in determining the outcomes for those affected by the accident. Karen, the flight nurse on board that fateful night, discovered how various egos associated with the investigation process influenced and clouded proceedings, and made her life

The Human Factor: Understanding Fatigue

The significant impact of fatigue Last issue we highlighted the significant impact fatigue can have on crews. In the case of the Pel-Air Westwind ditching, the aircraft captain, having obtained only 3–3½ hours of average quality sleep, displayed a fixation on a simple plan to land. He and the remainder of the crew were too


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