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ExoMars taking a closer look at the red planet

This article first appeared in the June 2018 edition of Australian Aviation. Humans have been curious about the possibility of Martian life for hundreds of years. Mars and Martian life infiltrates popular culture, everything from films and songs to children’s cartoons. And this almost innate fascination for the red planet has also been driven by

Space tech is not just for rocket scientists

The debate of the value of investing in space is at the front of the Australian space agency conversation. The private space sector has to justify the value of the government’s planned investment continuously, looking for ways that the R&D and technology can apply to other sectors and the general public. It’s a difficult conversation,

Voyager 1 probe proves you can teach old tech new tricks

Far away, 13 billion miles from Earth, there is a tiny man-made spacecraft drifting away from Earth and everything that we know. This spacecraft, Voyager 1, has travelled further than anything else humans have made, learning about the deepest parts of our solar system and now beyond. It is our first foray into interstellar space,

Falcon Heavy launch puts the awe back into space flight

The maiden flight of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket, launched from Kennedy Space Centre at 7:45am AEST on February 7, was a monumental event. It represents a huge leap forward towards the return of human space exploration. The Falcon Heavy is the world’s biggest operational rocket by a factor of two – it’s capable of launching


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