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‘Passengers were alive’: Black box data from downed Ukrainian airliner seen
Air Crash Investigations

  Analysis of black box data recovered from the Ukrainian International Airlines Boeing 737 downed by Iran in January found that passengers and crew survived the first of two ground-to-air missiles to hit the plane, 25 seconds apart. While the second missile hit the aircraft 25 seconds after the first, only the first 19 seconds

Iran refuses to pay for shot down Ukranian plane

Iran is reportedly refusing to pay compensation for the damages caused to the Ukraine International Airlines plane that it shot down in January, claiming the payout should come from European insurance companies. “The Ukrainian plane is insured by European companies in Ukraine and not by Iranian (insurance) companies,” the head of Iran’s Central Insurance Organisation,

Ukraine to ‘bring Iran to justice’ over shot-down plane

First round talks have now concluded between Ukraine and Iran, over the downing of a Ukrainian airliner in Tehran in January, with Ukrainian officials labelling the initial talks as “constructive”. However, Ukraine has not yet ruled out the possibility of taking Iran to international courts over the incident, renewing its determination to “bring Iran to

Iran slams US over ‘intentional’ attack on airliner

Iranian authorities have claimed that a US fighter jet intentionally “harassed” an Iranian passenger airliner over Syria, which resulted in the injury of passengers on board.

Black box data from shot down Ukranian plane to be examined
Air Crash Investigations

Data recovered from Ukranian International Airlines Flight 752, which was shot down by Iran in January, is now due to begin being analysed by French investigators. French aviation investigation bureau BEA announced on Monday that it would begin examining black box data from the shot down plane, and analysing recovered voice and flight data from

‘Misaligned radar’ led to UIA tragedy, says Iran’s CAO

Iranian investigators have detailed the “human error” that contributed towards two missiles being erroneously fired at the Boeing 737-800, killing all 176 passengers on board. In January, Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752 was gunned down by the country’s Revolutionary Guard shortly after taking off from Tehran in January. The 17-page report posted to the Civil


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