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Medicals simplified for some private pilots

written by WOFA | June 26, 2012

CASA has approved changes which will ease medical requirements for some private pilots.

Some private pilots will no longer have to undergo a class 2 medical and will be able to visit any general practitioner under new regulations recently adopted by CASA.

The new medical standards for private and recreational operations are based on the unconditional motor vehicle driving licence standard, with a range of aviation specific additional requirements for some conditions that may pose a safety risk in aviation.

The new medical certificate restricts CASA licensed pilots to flying single piston engine aircraft weighing less than 1500 kg maximum take-off weight, operating at less than 10,000 feet above sea level in visual meteorological conditions, with only one informed and consenting passenger on board. Pilots using the new medical will have access to controlled airspace.

If a control seat is occupied by an appropriately licensed pilot with a current class 1 or 2 medical certificate those restrictions do not apply.

The new medical certificate can be issued by a general practitioner, as opposed to Class 1 or 2 certficate which must be issued by a designated aviation medical examiner.

“I hope many pilots find the new DL medical certificate (aviation) an easier way to obtain and maintain their medical clearance to fly,” said director of aviation safety John McCormick. “Having robust medical standards is a key element of aviation safety and this initiative ensures safety standards remain high while making the system simpler.”


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