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Melbourne Airport southern precinct development approved

written by WOFA | April 17, 2013

Melbourne' Southern Precinct has been approved.

Melbourne Airport has welcomed the federal government’s approval of the Southern Precinct program that includes development of a new domestic terminal facility, 17 new aircraft parking bays, dedicated ground transport facilities and significant road upgrades.

The Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport gave regulatory approval to the Major Development Plan, which forms part of the airport’s $10 billion program of investment over the next 20 years.

Melbourne Airport CEO Chris Woodruff welcomed the approval. “The projects, which are being driven by strong domestic passenger growth, will build on Melbourne Airport’s role as an employment centre and will also provide the Victorian economy with a significant boost through the construction period and ongoing operation,” Woodruff said.

“We will look to finalise discussions with our airline customers with a view to the terminal being operational by mid-2015.”

Early works are due to commence in May with construction on the new terminal expected to start in the last quarter of 2013. The new terminal will be built on 20,000 square meters of land between the existing Terminal 3 and Terminal 4 buildings. The new terminal will have a capacity to cater for up to 10 million passengers a year.


  • Dante


    What about a rail link from the CBD to the airport? I know it’s in the master plan but a rail link is long overdue as 90% of journeys to the airport are currently done by car. It is a common feature of major overseas airports but only Sydney and Brisbane have one. Based on Sydney’s Airport Link website nearly 6 million people use their rail service a year.

  • Air Observer


    And nearly 6 million people feel ripped off by the high prices of tickets



    The Brisbane Airtrain costs $25 one way from the Gold Coast to Brisbane which I think is very reasonable. When you take into account tolls, parking, fuel, the hassle, time, traffic, wear and tear on your car, emissions etc $25 is nearly a quarter of the cost of actually physically driving. The only problem is that if your flight arrives after 10pm, your on your own! Which is becoming more frequent with the constant delays arriving into Brisbane now…

    In regards to Melbourne having a CBD-Airport train link, their train systems suck enough lol

  • George Canciani


    While the rail link may be ready in twenty years time (if ever), what about the poor suffering enthusiasts/photographers/visitors who happen to like looking at aeroplanes?

    There is no mention of a viewing deck in the development plans.
    Civilised cities like Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Tokyo (x2), Manchester, Zurich and others have terrific facilities for people to enjoy the sights and sounds.
    Provide a cafe, a playground, and even if an entrance fee is charged, people will flock to the deck.
    The airport management could even make some money.

    To think that when Tullamarine first opened it had one of the best viewing decks in the world. So much for progress and most liveable city in the world.

  • Mick


    George…I do miss the good old days on the observation deck at MEL. For it was on that deck that I decided that I wanted to fly and I now do it for a job at MEL.

    However, I believe we do need this CBD – Airport rail link. We need to bring this airport into 2013. Though, that car park out the front is making so much money this rail link will never happen.

  • Michael Angelico


    The airport rail link will be slower than what we get today with Skybus, unless it’s majorly over-engineered. There are other priorities for rail funding.

  • Richard


    I agree, Mick. Last week, as a 76 year old plane spotter about to board a Tiger domestic flight, I innocently snapped the Rex aircraft and my A320 on my way to the aircraft before an apoplexic tarmac lady came screaming at me. I was unaware that this is apparently a potential terrorist act! And when I come via public transport to Tullamarine the trek for disabled persons like myself is a nightmare. Regarding Skybus it is cheaper by taxi if two or more travel and I use my Taxi Directorate card.

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