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F-35B demonstrates vertical takeoff ability

written by WOFA | May 21, 2013

An F-35B test aircraft has demonstrated the STOVL jet’s ability to conduct a vertical takeoff (VTO).

The May 10 flight took place from Naval Air Station Patuxent River and demonstrates a required capability for fielding the F-35B.

“While not a combat capability, VTOs are required for repositioning of the STOVL in environments where a jet could not perform a short takeoff.  In these cases, the jet, with a limited amount of fuel, would execute a VTO to travel a short distance,” Lockheed Martin notes in a statement.



  • paul davis


    The noise would be horrendous.wish i was there with no earplugs.

  • Ron


    There’s no doubt the F-35B’s will come back to the carriers & land vertically, or semi-vertically, as the Marines have already been doing with the AV-8B’s. But I think pure vertical takeoff will always remain just a party trick. I’d like to see them try it with a full fuel & weapons load.

  • Andrew McLaughlin


    Ron, VTO never intended to be done with a significant load or to have any real tactical application, although it can be done with decent fuel plus a couple of AAMs.

    VTO was a key part of the JORD and will be used for ferry flights (a la Harrier GR3 s off ‘Atlantic Conveyor’ in the Falklands), or to get out of FOBs that may have had their runways damaged.

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