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Pilatus launches PC-24 twin-jet

written by WOFA | May 22, 2013

Pilatus has entered the business jet age, with the launch of the PC-24. (Pilatus)

Pilatus has entered the business jet age, unveiling the PC-24 twin-jet at the European Business Aviation Conference and Exposition (EBACE) in Geneva this week. Work on the prototype is underway, with roll-out scheduled for the third quarter of 2014. The PC-24 will take off on its maiden flight towards the end of 2014.

Pilatus says the PC-24 will be the first business jet worldwide with the ability to use very short runways, paved or unpaved, and a cargo door as standard.

The cabin interior will be available in a choice of different configurations ranging from an executive layout with 6-8 passenger seats to a commuter setup with room for up to 10 passengers, or combi-versions with space for passengers and cargo, through to special installations for emergency medical flights.

The PC-24, powered by two Williams FJ44-4A turbines, will reach a maximum speed of 425kt. The maximum range with four passengers is expected to be 3,610 km.

The list price (at projected 2017 costs) is approximately US$8.9 million. First orders will be taken at EBACE in 2014.

Certification by European and US authorities is planned for early 2017.

Interior of the PC-24. (Pilatus)


  • Kim S


    It has been a exciting 5 years for me working with Pilatus both directly or indirectly with the intoduction of the PC-21 into service, this platform is starting to become the first first choose for many countries as their advanced miltary trainer, now I get to see a new aircraft enter the market. If history is to go by, then this aircraft could be as popular in the civillian world as the PC-12.
    Im a pig in poo 🙂

  • Phil M


    G’day Kim S. Still surrounded by sand?

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