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New Air New Zealand livery takes flight

written by WOFA | September 25, 2013
The new livery features the distinctive New Zealand fern but retains the koru symbol. (Air NZ)

Air New Zealand’s first aircraft bearing the airline’s new livery is taking flight across the country. The A320 aircraft has entered service on Air New Zealand’s domestic network, flying principally between Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

The new white livery features a black tail with the distinctive New Zealand fern in contrasting white. While most of the fleet will sport this white version of the livery the airline will also continue to have a small number of signature aircraft in an all black version.


  • michael zetley


    What happened? The last plane I remember being black and white was the playboy corp. B727. This is not an improvement over what I consider to be one of the nicest liveries in the skies!

  • mags


    Supersmart AirNZ, maybe Team NZ should have kept this design style in the Americas Cup, never mind guysOracle always had more money -that’s why NZ should have won , to keep the race available to more teams and get back to real sailing competitions same boat against same boat. Ellison has ruined the spirit of the original Lipton Cup, round the Isle of Wight, its just technology and money now, gets more like a computer game every time

  • luc de montaigne


    nouveau logo

  • Pappy


    I had the pleasure to fly Air New Zealand from Heathrow to Auckland four years ago. To me it was the most courteous, passenger oriented airline I have ever flown on. If you have never been to New Zealand I highly recommend going ….the country is beautiful and the people are very friendly and helpful.

  • B. Fred Beams


    Winglets suggest a Boeing unless Airbus has redesigned their winglets….

  • StanJ


    The Black Fern looks great on Kiwi rugby shirt (Rightly so) but this white version looks like the skeleton of a fish – sorry I don’t like it

  • Joe B


    I liked the old colors, but the new is okay with me. Fly Air NZ !!

  • Doug Holt


    It is smart, distinctive and appropriate for a fine airline such as Air New Zealand.

  • David Winter


    Simply beautiful. They’re pushing just a little though. They’re new national flag will be very similar. Black – White – Black with the fern in the middle. Expect that pretty soon and the ac will be right on.

  • Maarten B.


    Smart livery. And….. Airbus indeed has redesigned its winglets. Besides – have a look at the APU undet the aircraft’s tail, that is typical Airbus 320. 737 has a different design there.

  • Terence D


    Sharklets is what Airbus is calling their new winglets. I would be excited over the new design if only it wasn’t replacing one of the most beautiful liveries ever. Maybe ANZ design team could contact American Airlines and help them redesign that mish-mashed train wreck of a new livery!

  • David L


    On a flight from Brisbane to Auckland with Air NZ, I heard for the first time in my life the announcement that the drinks trolley would be coming around, but limited to only one drink per passenger. I had a young woman with a baby sitting next to me, she did not want a drink so i ordered and was served with 3 rum & cokes !

  • Kenan Hays


    I would like to correct the first comment from Michael Zetley. The Playboy Corp. aircraft was a DC-9-30
    (not a B727) and it was painted all black except for the bunny emblem on the tail.

  • Colin J


    The new livery is overkill
    Either the Koru or the fern leaf……… not both !

  • rodger


    go aotearoa , smart airline , smart livery , proud to be born a kiwi , about to return to live in beautiful hawkes bay after 35 years abscence !!!!! air nz = innovation and great service !!!! god defend nz !!!

  • David


    Awful. Personally I find the silver on black slightly “blingy” and tacky.
    Silver fern is a sporting logo is it not? A sports game does not define a nation, nor an airline.

  • Teva


    I quite like this new scheme much more eye-catching than the previous new scheme which was just black tail white fuselage and new black typeface.I wonder how this scheme would look in dark blue and teal like the earlier Koru scheme OR better yet I wonder what a tweaked version of the 1973-96 Koru scheme would look like?.I say YUMMY!,anyway the black on white fern/Koru combination looks very smart and the new typeface too.

  • Debbie


    @David, I agree the Silver Fern is their sporting logo, but if you knew New Zealanders, you’d know that their sport, regardless of which one, is what they live for. I, therefore, can understand the reasoning behind it.



    Having a few signature aircraft was a good idea. Now they have gone to far and it looks awful. I know black is the national colour. But the present colour is the right colour. This is a change to far. The Blue/green tail was a sophisticated and enticing attractive colour

  • Marc


    @B. Fred Beams. It’s def an A320 pictured.

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