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Airservices, airports launch aircraft noise website

written by WOFA | November 6, 2013

A screen capture from the aircraftnoise.com.au website.
A screen capture from the aircraftnoise.com.au website.

Australia’s air traffic management provider Airservices and the Australian Airports Association have jointly developed a website aimed at better educating the broader community on aircraft noise issues.

The website, aircraftnoise.com.au, was launched at Airservices’ Waypoint industry conference in Canberra on Wednesday by Airservices CEO Margaret Staib.

“As air traffic levels continue to increase, managing noise is increasingly challenging. The entire aviation industry recognises the need to work together to meet this challenge, to safeguard the future viability of aviation operations,” the website states. “The aviation industry understands the noise impact of its activities on residents who live near airports.It is committed to taking action to minimise noise, even as the number of flights continue to increase. This commitment includes ways to  communicate better with the public about noise from aircraft operations.”

Pages on the site discuss aircraft noise, its monitoring and measuring, details what entities have what responsibilities for aircraft noise management, details  noise abatement and flghtpaths at major Australian Airports, and provides directions on where and how to make complaints about airport noise.



  • Dane


    Are complaints vetted as to their legitimacy and accuracy so serial reporters (i.e. people who move under a known flight path and then complain about it) are not shown in data produced for particular airports?

  • Diane


    Regardless of living under a flight path, people are allowed to express their concerns at the ever increasing air traffic and the related noise and pollution which negatively impacts theirs and their families quality of life and health.

  • adammudhen


    Air traffic is getting quieter and will continue to as the “next generation” of aircraft enter widespread use. Great to see such a transparent approach being taken, but airports are part of the finacial life-blood of our economy. This is more about politics and electorates than it is about genuine “quality of life”.

  • adammudhen


    A former work colleague purchased a house that literally backed on to the busiest airport in Victoria. She and her husband then proceeded to complain to the airport and CASA and AirServices about just how low the helicopters were as they came in to land. I proceeded to tell her that they tried to land at a higher altitude but found it wasn’t as successful. She didn’t see the funny side of that 🙂

  • Phil deCube


    Ich liebe fluglärm!

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