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Boeing, Kongsberg conduct Super Hornet-JSM fit test

written by WOFA | November 11, 2013
JSMs on a Super Hornet.
JSMs on a Super Hornet.

Boeing and Kongsberg Defence Systems have completed a check of the Joint Strike Missile (JSM) fitted to an F/A-18F Super Hornet to ensure that the weapon is compatible with the aircraft’s external pylons. The test brings the JSM one step closer to achieving Super Hornet compatibility, Boeing said in a statement. The JSM, which is being designed and built by Kongsberg, is a long-range, low-observable stand-off weapon intended to engage land and sea targets.

Boeing, Kongsberg conduct Super Hornet-JSM fit test Comment

  • John N


    Certainly an interesting development in a number of ways, especially for the RAAF too.

    At this stage at least, JSM is the only ‘powered’ long range Anti-Shipping Missile (ASM) that will fit internally in the F-35’s weapons bay, not that a decision has been made yet, but if the RAAF did in fact select JSM as its long range ASM for the F-35, then it would be an obvious choice for carriage by the Super Hornets too.

    As I understand it, when the F-35 enters service with the RAAF, the only ‘internally’ carried ASM will be JSOW-C1, which is currently also in service on Super Hornets, the big difference between JSM and JSOW is range, the JSM is reported to have a range of close to 300 km and the JSOW, being a non-powered glide weapon, has a range from high altitude of 130 km, if long range or extended range, is deemed to be an important requirement for the RAAF, JSM would appear to have the edge currently.

    There is another option for long range ASM that the US is developing, the LRASM-A, a development of the JASSM-ER, the downside for this weapon, is that it’s not capable of internal carriage on the F-35, only external.

    It’s going to be interesting over the coming years to see what new weapons might be selected for the RAAF’s fleet of F-35s (and possibly Super Hornets too).

    Maybe we might see JSM on both the F-35’s and Super Hornets too!


    John N

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