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Rolls-Royce reveals new engines

written by WOFA | February 27, 2014

Rolls-Royce is developing two new commercial engine ranges. (R-R)
Rolls-Royce is developing two new commercial engine ranges. (R-R)

Rolls-Royce has revealed details of new commercial engines it is developing for future airliners from next decade.

The manufacturer said it is developing two new engines – the Advance and the UltraFan – to build upon and replace its Trent series of engines.

It says the Advance will offer at least 20 per cent better fuel burn and CO2 emissions than the first generation of Trent engines and is planned to be available from the end of the decade. While it doesn’t say what power ratings the Advance would be available in, the fact that it is being compared to the Trent family suggests it could be in the 40,000lb to 60,000lb thrust class.

Also under development is the UltraFan design which will use a new geared design with variable pitch fan. R-R says the UltraFan will offer at least 25 per cent better fuel burn and emissions than the Trent family

“These new designs are the result of implementing our ongoing technology programs,” Colin Smith, Rolls-Royce’s Director – Engineering and Technology said in a statement. “They are designed to deliver what our airframe and airline customers tell us they need: even better fuel efficiency, reliability and environmental performance.”


  • Dane


    Let’s hope they get their tolerances right this time.

  • Richard


    Great news! I hope they will use ceramic-matrix-composites technology and carbon fiber casing. I am confident they will amplify the experiences gained on the Trent engines. As it relates to blades, in test condition engines blades survive bird strike. In actual flight bird strike damages fan blades. I hope they calculate the forces acting on blade in a actual strike?

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