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Brisbane Airport hails curfew rejection

written by WOFA | March 20, 2014

A China-Southern A330-200 at Brisbane Airport.
A China-Southern A330-200 at Brisbane Airport.

Brisbane Airport Corporation has welcomed the federal government’s decision not to place a curfew on the airport.

Imposing a curfew would have damaged Queensland’s tourism industry and limited the state’s economic growth, chief executive officer and managing director Julieanne Alroe said on Wednesday.

Alroe stated that the airport would not only meet aircraft noise mitigation targets but intended to exceed them. She pointed out that a review of round-the-clock operations at Brisbane Airport has shown that introducing an overnight curfew would not address the majority of noise complaints, which mostly relate to the evening and morning hours.

“A curfew would simply have pushed more traffic into those hours,” Alroe stated. “The long-term solution to overnight aircraft noise is our new parallel runway, which will provide Air Traffic Control with the option of directing all incoming and outbound aircraft over the bay during the night-time hours.

“We are investing more than $1.3 billion in building the runway and after it is operational in 2020, we expect that those who are currently experiencing overnight aircraft over their homes will notice the difference.”


  • Ray E


    Sanity prevails!!!!!

  • Trent


    Totally agreed we still have people with brains and common sense in affluential places. Great decision!!!

  • CJ


    Good decision
    If the noise bothers you that much….M-O-O-V-E !

  • Allan


    Good to see the anti aviation fraternity lost out on this one. When are people going to learn airports need to be 24/7 operations. Aviation should not be hindered by political pointscoring. Considering the technology of todays engines the argument for a curfew stands on shaky ground. Gone are the days of first and second generation engines screaming noise and belching smoke. Times have changed, maybe it`s time the decision makers caught up. Who knows, Maybe Sydney might be 24/7 one day. One can only hope.

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