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Qantas announces FF scheme changes

written by WOFA | March 28, 2014
Qantas has changed the way points and status credits are earned on its and its partner's flights.
Qantas has changed the way points and status credits are earned on its and its partner’s flights.

Qantas has announced changes to the way passengers can earn points and status credits on its frequent flyer scheme.

To take effect from July 1, passengers will now be rewarded with additional points and status credits when they book flexible fares, but the amount of points earned on lower fares will be reduced. The current miles-based system will also be changed to a zone-based system, where the airline’s network including that of its partners will be divided into 22 flight regions. Each region or zone will provide a set number of points, dependant on what type of fare is booked.

For example, a flight between Sydney and Melbourne will earn 1000 points and 20 status credits on a discount economy airfare, 1,375 points and 25 status credits on a standard economy fare, and 1,750 points and 40 status credits on a flexible economy fare.

Frequent Flyer members should have received an email by now explaining the basics of the changes, and a link to the Qantas website which explains the new structure in more detail.


  • Mal


    As a current Platinum member (as I have been for 10 years) and a lifetime Gold member I haven’t heard a peep from QF which is disappointing to say the least. To “penalise” me for buying cheaper fares and chopping the QF45/46 (SYD-CHC) middle of the day service is making it increasingly difficult to support the airline. Virgin and Air NZ generally cheaper with far happier staff and more pleasant lounges (bar QF 1st class in SYD and MEL). We’re I in their shoes I’d look after my most frequent customers more than ever. While understanding the rationale, at this time it seems to go against the notion of looking after very frequent SME organisations like ours.

    • australianaviation.com.au


      The advisory emails to members seem to be somewhat sporadic – one of our staff received theirs yesterday, but I received mine this afternoon.

  • Mal


    Andrew I am envious. I’m still waiting! Poor old QF are making a bit of a hash of this. I hear Twitter feedback hasn’t been especially good for QF so far….

  • Raymond


    Here is the email text…

    Dear ,

    We know how important it is for you to be rewarded when you fly. It’s also important that the reward should reflect the value of your fare. So, we’re making changes to how you earn in the air.

    It’s all about creating a fairer, more simplified program, designed to align the number of Qantas Points1 and Status credits2 you earn more closely with the fare you pay, where you fly and the airline you choose.

    Effective for travel from 1 July 2014, the number of Qantas Points and Status credits you earn will change when you fly with Qantas and Jetstar Airlines. Put simply, these changes will mean that you’ll earn more Qantas Points and Status credits when you choose more flexible fares. At the same time, we’re reducing the Qantas Points you’ll earn on our lower fares to reflect your spend.

    While we’re making changes in the air, rest assured this does not affect your current points balance, or the way you earn with our broad range of partners on the ground. And, when it’s time to redeem, there’s no change to the number of points you need for a Classic Award3 or how you use your points for your chosen reward.4

    Our commitment is to offer you the most comprehensive, rewarding loyalty program in Australia, wherever your journey takes you.

    As these and other changes, including Status credit earn with other partner airlines, may affect you, we suggest you take a look at all the details, available on qantas.com

    Yours sincerely,

    The Qantas Frequent Flyer Team

  • Mal


    Thanks Raymond. At least I know what they are going to tell me when they finally talk to me. Still waiting…

  • WDB


    As yet another Platinum level FF [and Lifetime Gold member] I have to protest in the strongest possible terms this attack to my jugular from the demented QF Management.
    Why penalize your most loyal customers for your managerial incompetence and ineptitude – those of us who have stayed true to you [isn’t that what loyalty means?] even when Alan Joyce abandoned all QF passengers wherever in the world they happened to be [I was in Dallas myself] without regard to any compassionate circumstance. And now this madman’s axe falls upon those of us who have to endure the deteriorating QF service experience whilst either trying to save our own funds a little or be paid for by employer policies dictating “best available” fare usage.
    This man must think that flying with QF is a highly desirable and pleasurable experience – and has obviously never had to sample the ultra-cramped, claustrophobic down-the-back portion of the new generation 737-838’s, put up with the totally inadequate morsel of Neil Perry inspiration so graciously provided, awaited the arrival of the cabin crew on a late inbound service [perhaps they should use amore punctual carrier?] and now be penalized by being awarded less frequent flyer points and status credits.
    Changing the goal-posts half-way through the game is simply not fair and defies the oft-quoted “Spirit of Australia” tag-line bandied abound in all matters Qan6tas. Mind you the iconic, Aussie flag carrier now has absolutely no international services in its own right from Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart or Canberra – some national carrier!
    If FF wants to reward higher fare payers they could – and should – do so by giving them an extra point premium over and above the 1,000 point minimum although they already receive a cabin bonus if they are in a higher cabin than Economy in any case].
    Yet another onslaught from AJU directed against his loyalist passengers – when will this idiot work it all out?
    In the meantime I would suggest that use of the kangaroo and “Spirit of Australia” tag-line is actually industrial treason. I would feel that “Has-Been Airline” and the Death Adder would be suitable substitutes

  • Mac Carter


    Mal says it in very realistic terms; unhappy staff means less customers in airline seats.
    Not enough passengers in aircraft is Qantas’s real problem.
    The management and staff at all levels must be united.
    If not this airline will go the way of Ansett.

  • DB


    Wow, this is a joke. I agree with the sentiments that everyone is expressing here and like others am a platinum member and lifetime gold. My membership started in 1985 and I have a membership number around 20,000 – now there are 10 million.

    I just got back from Singapore on QF flights and I must say – I am worried. The flight from SYD-SIN was nowhere near full and this morning’s flight from SIN-BNE had empty seats everywhere. Business class and premium economy were void of people. I would not like to know how much money was lost flying a 747-400 with so few people.

    Now, you would think that as Australians – being the ‘spirit’ that they talk about would get looked after pretty well??? Answer = no. Cheap fares from SYD-SIN return are around $800. The Straits Times had a deal advertised on Saturday with QF SIN-SYD return for SG$688 = around AUD$575.

    I have been really tolerant and very, very loyal but the change to the QFF program has led me to investigating alternatives. It seems that the company is on a downward spiral. I generally stick up for them but the latest fiasco and the lack of forward vision has me convinced that it is time to change management.

    It is a sad day that QF turn their backs on their most loyal customers and fail miserably at communicating with them despite all the avenues that are available to clearly and openly communicate with their loyal clients.

    Bad form QF, bad form.

  • John


    Another nail etc.

  • Kev


    As a Gold FF member and Lifetime QF Club member, I was extremely disappointed with the email as it went against the grain of seeing every customer as important. QF already see that the only important customers are the platinum FF level passengers and they disregard other passengers as being totally unimportant. For example, when you book an economy flight, depending on your FF level, you get a different choice of seating and yet all are flying on an economy ticket. How does this make the other economy passengers feel when they see discrimination in action!

    Further, since QF went away from attaching the orange priority label to baggage to identify priority baggage, I have never seen my bags/s come out with any kind of priority from other bags on the same flight even though this is still meant to be a benefit that they provide.

    As stated, I am a Gold FF member and undertook extra flights towards the end of my membership year to reach this level at my own expense only to see the benefits eroded in the name of supplying a better service to corporate customers. I obviously do not count anymore!

    I believe that QF needs to consider that ALL passengers are important, not only the platinum passengers who are mainly having their tickets paid by a business. QF appear to have forgotten this basic premise of good customer relations.

    All I can say is “Thanks QANTAS for looking at treating me so and for totally eroding my loyalty in one foul swoop from a man who has given you his loyalty over many years whenever he has been able to fly.” You deserve no loyalty from your customers now because you are not prepared to give it to them.

  • Peter


    I joined Marco Polo and avoid QF flights into Asia now. I either go the way of Velocity legs or if I need to go via HKG I go Cathay – no point staying on QFF if I don’t get the status credits etc. My travelling buddy and I also got told we weren’t worthy of the QF lounge in Shanghai recently despite one having Platinum and one having QF Club and lifetime silver (because our flight was CX and the connecting CX flight in HKG was technically next calendar day). Haha, see you later Mr Garden Gnome. Ride your Jetstar 787s down the drain while we all desert your crappy hand me down A330s. Facew it, John Borghetti makes your team look like amateurs.

  • Kim


    This is the straw that broke the camels back!
    I am a gold FF and regularly travel to Hobart and Tokyo both of which are no longer serviced direct by QF out of BNE
    My last trip was out of SYD to NRT in business and I have to agree with WBD that the Neil Perry inspired food that I’m sure he wouldn’t want to put his name to, unless he has agreed to serving late night schnitzel sandwiches for dinner!
    I got caught with Ansett and that’s not going to happen again.
    My thoughts are with the staff who have expressed their frustration across the board.
    No point in waiting any longer, time to move on.

  • Mal


    Raymond, thank you again for letting me the text of the e-mail. I still have had no communication from QF about the changes. Secondly, I have a small SME, and they haven’t e-mailed me about that either. I recall Ralph Norris (former Air NZ CEO), saying “I look after the staff, who look after the customers, who look after the shareholders”. My phone call to find out what is going on with the changes to air-points and SME yesterday shows QF urgently needs to address the staff element – my fellow was disgruntled to say the least.

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