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Avalon cuts fees to stimulate traffic

written by WOFA | April 16, 2014

Jetstar passengers disembark at Avalon Airport.
A file image of Jetstar passengers disembarking at Avalon Airport.

Avalon Airport has dramatically cut its landing fees in a bid to stimulate activity.

Landing fees for airliners and corporate jets are being cut by 15 per cent, while light aircraft landing fees will be cut from $100 to $30. Charter aircraft landing fees and missed approach fees are also being cut.

“We’re known as the home of the Australian International Airshow. We’ll also be known around Australia as one of the best-equipped and most-affordable airports, too,” Avalon Airport chief executive Justin Giddings said. “Whether you’re flying a Cessna or an Airbus, Avalon welcomes you.”

Said Victorian Minister for the Aviation Industry Gordon Rich-Phillips: “Victoria is leading Australia in the capacity of our primary, secondary and regional airports to handle increased demand for aviation activity. Moves such as Avalon’s to cut the cost of flying will benefit not only advanced pilots and pilots-in-training who use the airport, but invigorate the whole aviation industry.”

Curfew-free Avalon is one of only four airports in Victoria equipped with an ILS.


  • Matt


    So melbourne and avalon have ILS. Which other two also have it?

  • anon


    I’m pretyy sure Essendon has it too, but I’m not too sure about the fourth one. Albury maybe? They have a tower with class c airspace around it

  • Dane


    RAAF Base East Sale is the other. Interestingly, according the ERSA, Avalon isn’t to be used a planned bad weather divert

  • Aaron


    Fourth is East Sale RAAF base.

  • Sam


    That’s funny, the new “discounts” are pretty much the fees 4 years ago before they had a huge price hike. Everyone said that would discourage light aircraft from using it. Which it certainly did. Let’s see what happens now.
    East Sale is the fourth with an ILS.

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