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787 certified for 330-minute ETOPS

written by WOFA | May 29, 2014
The 787 is now certified to operate up to 330 minutes from a landing field. (Andrew McLaughlin)
The 787 is now certified to operate up to 330 minutes from a landing field. (Andrew McLaughlin)

The US Federal Aviation Administration has approved additional extended operations (ETOPS) for the Boeing 787 to allow it to be operated up to 330 minutes from a suitable landing field.

The certification expands upon the 787’s current 180-minute ETOPS limit which was granted when the type entered service in 2011. The certification opens up a raft of new routes over water or remote land masses if operating airlines receive approval from their own regulatory agencies.

“Our customers are eager to expand their 787 operations,” Boeing’s vice president and general manager 787 program, Larry Loftis said in a statement. “We’re delighted that this capability, which was designed into the aircraft from the very beginning, has been certified.”

Boeing has sold at least 1,030 787s to 60 customers, and has delivered 146 787s to 19 customers.


  • Dane


    What major routes does that open up for operators?

  • Dave


    ETOPS330 would probably be almost any two points in the world, assuming within range. Looking on gcmap.com (which has an ETOPS function) it looks like the centre of Antarctica is the only place more than 5 hours from an airport. All of Qantas’s long haul overseas routes to Santiago and Jo’ burg are always within 5 hours of an airport. Still, not sure how comfortable you’d be one engine out and 5 hours from safety…

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