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Jetstar drops Perth-Lombok, Perth-Brisbane services

written by WOFA | June 5, 2014

Jetstar will cancel its Perth-Brisbane services from July 1, and its Perth-Lombok services from October 17. (Rob Finlayson)
Jetstar will cancel its Perth-Brisbane services from July 1, and its Perth-Lombok services from October 17. (Rob Finlayson)

Jetstar is suspending its Perth-Brisbane and Perth-Lombok services in response to weaker than expected demand on the two markets.

The low-cost airline will suspend its six times weekly Perth-Brisbane JQ 980/JQ 981 services from July 1, while its four times a week JQ 111/JQ 112 service between Perth and Lombok will be suspended from October 17.

“The Perth-Brisbane market is heavily geared towards business travel and we’ve seen yields deteriorate as demand for leisure fares has weakened,” a Jetstar spokesman said.

“Despite our best efforts to promote Lombok as a destination, we’re just not seeing enough demand to sustain services at this time. Like all airlines, we review the performance of our routes regularly and make adjustments when it makes sense to do so.”

Jetstar became the first Australian airline to serve Lombok when it launched flights to the Indonesian holiday island last September.

Passengers booked on the Jetstar Brisbane service after June 30 will be re-accommodated on Qantas flights, while passengers affected by the Lombok service cancellation will be offered a $50 Jetstar voucher.


  • Stewart


    Ive flown the Perth-Lombok flights several times already and its almost always nearly full. Even throughout the quiet wet season months of Feb-April.

    Its as surprising as it is disappointing to hear they are suspending the service. I hope this is political posturing due to problems with Lombok’s airport operator, Angkasa Pura II due to this mishandling of the airport or BTDC due to their mishandling of the Mandalika Resort project.

  • Julie


    Cannot believe Jetstar has done this. Love Lombok and have flown twice in last few months and was about to book another two flights. The news on the ground in Lombok is so positive for this new route, but agree the airport is substandard, but if we wanted perfection we would not travel to places like Lombok.

  • john LOMBOK


    Ii think it is a shame that JetStar is doing this. Story of Lombok’s life. Nobody ever gives it a fair chance. The service and availability needs to be consistent in order to make the destination flourish. It is so sad that there is no commitment from leaders in the travel industry to ensure that a CONSISTENT service (be it from Perth, Singapore, or elsewhere) exists with a commitment to grow the destination. For 20 years people have been saying it is the next Bali and for 20 years there has been no fair chance to make that happen. I think there needs to be a minimum three year commitment before deciding to drop the destination. This is the only way it has a shot at making it. Thanks for nothing JetStar!

  • meri


    It is really sad that you going to cancell the flight to lombok, you need to give more time to get bussier. I fly 3 times since you fly to lombok. My advise if it possible that you reduce the time of fly to 2 or 3 times a week but not to cancell the flight as lombok is very relax place for holiday. I hope you will consider my advise. Thank you

  • pete


    Perhaps Jetstar can reallocate those resources into services into Broome and the Kimberley to try and assist in the the ailing Australian tourism market. They help keep air fares affordable on the east coast but little for northern Australia??

  • Eric Chapman


    What a disappointment. My family and I have just moved to Lombok from Albany , Western Australia 6 months ago. We are hoping to start a small business here, and the direct flights from Australia was a huge bonus for us. Not only for the influx of more tourists, but the ease of getting home to see family and friends.
    As Stewart says in one of the above comments, the amount of people coming here over the wet season has increased dramatically. Being that this will be the first winter especially for W.A people, that it would have been a good idea to check the figures after this period.
    Oh well, lets hope one of the Asian Airlines picks it up, and helps out Lombok once again. Just another win, for the already incredibly over busy Bali.

  • Jack


    What a short sighted and absolutely mind boggling decision!

    Have taken the Jetstar flight to Lombok a few times and very few empty seats, so cant believe the excuse offered.

    Lombok is a fantastic destination and most people who have experienced it, simply wont go back to Bali. White sand, clean water, great diving, great surfing, relaxed atmosphere, little traffic congestion…leaves Bali for dead.

    This decision is indicative of a company that has lost its way – however, given the recent performance of Qantas/Jetstar its not surprising!!!

  • John


    full flights don’t mean profitable flights. Obviously the yields must be terrible.

  • Sally-Anne Lyons


    I agree re yields. It still seems shortsighted given just over 6 months on the route. Not everyone can take to the skies the minute a new route appears. I am in lombok now and it’s my second trip in 6 months and I would be returning frequently had jetstar continued its direct flights. I have friends ready and planning their trips. A disappointing outcome and certainly so for the island. Speaking to my driver he seems optimistic that talks between jetstar and airport authorities will turn around this decision. Probably wishful thinking. I hope he is right.

  • Mark


    Jetstar is a not a charity. In addition, last I checked, Qantas Group isn’t doing too well. How can a company justify keeping an unprofitable route to boost the local economy?! They are a business and they are there to make money. End of story.

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