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Qantas reduces low-season trans-Tasman services

written by WOFA | June 23, 2014

Qantas mainline will reduce its weekly off-season Trans-Tasman services by 16 from late October. (Mike Millett)
Qantas mainline will reduce its weekly off-season Trans-Tasman services by 16 from late October. (Mike Millett)

Qantas will cancel some daily services to Auckland from Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide as part of a revised schedule that will see a reduction of 16 Qantas mainline services on the route during the low season, with Jetstar picking up seven of them.

Qantas mainline will reduce its services from 98 weekly return services during the peak season to 82, a reduction of 5,500 seats, including daily Melbourne-Auckland and Sydney-Auckland services, while Jetstar will increase its weekly Trans-Tasman services to 51.

“As part of our transformation program, Qantas is becoming more dynamic and more flexible in responding to market conditions,’’ Qantas International chief executive Simon Hickey said. “This has seen us take advantage of seasonal opportunities, like the Perth to Auckland service we started last summer. On the flip side, we’ll reduce flights at times of the year when demand naturally drops back.”

The mainline changes will take effect from October 26.

Jetstar meanwhile will axe its three-times-a-week Adelaide-Auckland service from August 24, but will add six additional Auckland-Melbourne services a week, and a weekly Auckland-Sydney flight. Adelaide passengers will be required to travel via Melbourne or Sydney.


  • Finlay


    Well what about Sydney Queenstown Mainline this a very profitable
    Service also giving QF premium/ platinum Chairmans lounge Etc
    The option of Business class also full service..this a very popular route
    I wouldn’t fly Jet Star at all

  • Raymond


    A case of Qantas continuing to shrink while its low-cost off-shoot expands at its expense?

  • Sam


    I’m seeing that Jetstar are axing their Adelaide to Auckland service, is this permanent or temporary for the low season and they will pick it up later on in the year

  • John Harrison


    Oh now there’s a surprise cut Qantas services, and increase Jetstar’s services. Yes I understand that Qantas has to try and save money, but really putting Jetstar in its place. I hope the travelling public realize, the down grading
    of services, is happening and if the price is right switch to Air New Zealand.

  • Tom


    This is only for Auckland routes. All others are untouched.

    Raymond, Sam and John Harrison,

    This is only for low season flights (read: flights in the low demand season that probably aren’t profitable at that time period. Some of which will move to Jetstar in the low demand season). There will still be considerable Qantas mainline flights in the low demand season to cater to the people who wish to fly on QF metal at this time. The flights will return to QF mainline in the more profitable high demand season.
    This is simply smarter and more efficient use of group resources and a sign that QF management are slowly growing in intelligence in this regard.

  • Greg


    Fly AIR NZ all the way ! Far Superior all round !

  • John .


    Wont be too long until Kiwis will be saying QANTAS now who were they when did they operate in NZ as an international airline ?????

  • marc


    Most, if not all, QF flights are operated by NZ crews/co anyway.

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