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Hawaiian to replace Airbus A350-800 order with A330-800neo

written by WOFA | July 23, 2014
Hawaiian's A330-200s will be complemented by A330-800neos from 2019.
Hawaiian’s A330-200s will be complemented by A330-800neos from 2019.

Hawaiian Airlines has announced it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Airbus to buy six A330-800neos from 2019, and has taken purchase rights on an additional six aircraft.

The order replaces Hawaiian’s current order for six A350-800s which had been due for delivery from 2017, and will supplement the airline’s current fleet of 294-seat two-class A330-200s.

“The A330-800neo’s fuel efficiency, additional range and commonality with our existing A330 fleet makes the A330-800neo an elegant solution to our need for growth aircraft toward the end of this decade,” Hawaiian Airlines president and CEO Mark Dunkerley said in a statement.

Hawaiian’s A330neo order is a reflection of waning interest in the A350-800, which has been pushed back to be the last A350 model to enter service and before Hawaiian’s change, was holding a backlog of just 34 aircraft. Indeed, many analysts believe the A350-800 will not go-ahead in deference to the cheaper A330neo.


  • arg


    Looks like Airbus has a serious contender for sales against the 787 at a fraction Of the cost.

  • Ben


    You have to wonder if Airbus has damaged the sales of the A350 with the launch of the A330NEO. Many airlines will prefer to retain (essentially) the one type than convert to a new one.

  • Charles


    A330, the most under rated aircraft in the sky!

  • Geo


    Airbus is now jeopardising future sales of the A350…….. and just imagine the $12+ billion of investment in the a350 being undercut by an upgrade of the a330 that was originally mooted by airbus as the new a350. John LEAHY WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dee


    I feel most of you miss the A330-800 neo point, this air frame is a replacement for the under ordered A350-800, only 34 orders to date, but will not replace the larger A350-900/1000 models, which are more efficient and are true long-haul metal, or should I say Composite.
    The new A330 neo is an ideal fit for Hawaiian, and would slot into QF and VA’s East/West Coast routes, and short haul Asia destinations, and so the list goes on as to many other Asian Airlines that utilize the currant model, and no doubt would replace these air frames with a cheaper neo model.

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