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Qantas to remain majority Australian-owned

written by WOFA | July 16, 2014
Qantas will remain majority Australian owned after a compromise deal between the Abbot Govt and the opposition. (Rob Finlayson)
Qantas will remain majority Australian owned after a compromise deal between the Abbot Govt and the opposition. (Rob Finlayson)

Federal cabinet has reached a compromise agreement on the Qantas Sale Act which will see the airline remain majority Australian owned.

Although the Abbott coalition government had wanted to open the airline up to foreign investment and has previously stated there was “no plan B” for the airline, the opposition and the minor parties stuck with their line to restrict foreign ownership of the airline to 49 per cent.

Individual foreign investors and international airlines will however no longer be restricted to 25 per cent or 35 per cent shares respectively as had previously been the case, with both limits rising to the whole 49 per cent.


  • Glen


    This will not make any diffrence to Qantas they don’t need investment they need to sell off Jetstar and use the money to buy new aircraft. Also they need new managment of course

  • Stu Bee


    Until Qantas management come clean with actual cost of Jetstar operations we will never really know how well they are doing.

  • Robert


    Selling off Jetstar would be a great mistake. Like the F/Flyer program it is one of the few areas of Qantas making money. Why sell off your profitable areas and cling to lossmakers? Jetstar would then become a competitor and eventually wipe Qantas out of the sky. Virgin was wise enough to buy part of Tiger to ensure that very situation doesn’t happen to them. What Qantas needs is a complete culture change, from the CEO to the lowliest cabin attendant. Their service is terrible, and in the face of competitors like the Middle East Airlines and Air New Zealand (who definitely have their act together), I’m afraid chaps, that Qantas has no future! It’s only a matter of time! Get ready for it!. We have flown Qantas domestically every week and internationally several times a year, and I’ve had enough. Last year they accepted two bookings for SFO only to later tell us they were quitting that city but refused to onward carry us from LAX – until we blasted hell out of them!. Recently on a flight from LAX to SYD with terrible cabin service, they actually ran out of breakfasts when they got to us. Honestly fellas!! They knew how many people were on the flight, for God’s sake!!, what does it take?? I’m sure they all still think they’re public servants. Wake up Qantas. You’re a private company, and you have to COMPETE with your competitors. I’m afraid it’s Singapore Airlines internationally for us now. I’ve tried to be patriotic but there are limits! We have written to Alan Joyce and various other people inviting customer feedback but you guessed it – no reply!! A once brilliant, pioneering airline – soon approaching it’s demise. How sad!!!!!

  • air1


    Robert I take GREAT offence to you comment. Us lowliest cabin crew are here NUMBER one for your safety. i agree there are times that the crew need a good shake up some need to go as they have been there for too long! how ever there are hundreds of us who still love our jobs and love our company. There are things going on there that are out of our control however most of us still come to work with a smile on our face and do the best we can with the situation we currently face!
    points of your comment i agree with how ever others i do not and like i said take great offence too!
    Things are changing but they take time there is no overnight fix my suggestion to you is please continue to fly with us and send your feedback through the appropriate channels.
    Kind regards your lowliest cabin crew.

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