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SIA A380 touches down in Auckland

written by WOFA | October 28, 2014
Singapore Airlines flight SQ285 arrives in Auckland. (Airways NZ)
Singapore Airlines flight SQ285 arrives in Auckland. (Airways NZ)

Auckland Airport has welcomed its second Airbus A380 operator with the touchdown of Singapore Airlines’ first flight to New Zealand using the double-decker superjumbo.

SIA flight SQ285 arrived at 1120 local time on Tuesday, after the nine hour, two minute journey from Singapore. The return flight SQ286 was due to depart Auckland at 1330.

The airline will use the A380 to Auckland during the peak summer period as part of its alliance with Air New Zealand, reverting to the Boeing 777-300ER in off-peak times.

Auckland Airport’s other A380 operator Emirates has three daily flights with the aircraft, with service from Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and onwards to Dubai.

At the terminal at Auckland. (Mike Millett)
At the terminal at Auckland. (Mike Millett)


  • dwight hagood



  • A380


    Pity Air NZ STILL has not recognised that the A380 would actually deliver more passengers and thus more revenue. Instead they are inwardly focused (not customer first…) on sardine packed 10 abreast 777’s. People prefer the A380 and will actually go out of their way to book on the plane – just ask Emirates who are eating Air NZs lunch right before their eyes

  • KMW


    Great aircraft, have flown both SIA and Emirates A380 business class from LHR to Sydney a number of times, wife prefers the Emirates cabin service, I prefer the SIA seating, in my view better than Emirates seating.
    I would always choose the A380 over the 777, in fact I deliberately choose a A380 routing where possible.

    Having first flown in a BOAC York, through the Hermes, Argonaut, Constellation (QANTAS), DC7C, Britannia, Comet 2 (RAF) and Comet 4, 707 (Qantas and BOAC), VC10, 747,DC10, L1011,A330,A340 plus nearly all the short range A320 and 737 etc. though regretfully never the Concorde, so I can claim some experience.

  • Nigel


    A380 operation for Air NZ is a pipe-dream. To make economic sense for introducing a new type they’d need a minimum of say 4 and I don’t think they have enough high-density routes to make it work. Agree with ‘A380’ and KMW about the extra comfort, though. I live in CHC and will usually go out with SIA or Emirates to catch an A380 to Europe for at least part of the way. 10-abreast economy 777, as per Emirates and with Air NZ’s -300 version is OK for a few hours but not for a 12-hour night flight!

  • Stuart


    ANZ should look at the A380s, as they ops 2 x 77W to/From LAX within 1 hour of each other.
    The A380 could be 555 Seat Config, then use a 772, and ops 2-3 hours later.

    This would give passengers real choice in comfort, than packing in 10 abreast on both flights.

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