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Is this United Airlines’ new livery?

written by WOFA | April 24, 2019

Is this United's new livery? (imgur.com)
Is this United’s new livery? (imgur.com)

An image of a United Airlines aircraft painted in potentially the airline’s new livery has been posted online ahead of the official reveal scheduled for Wednesday (US time).

The image, posted on imgur.com showed the United aircraft, a Boeing 737-800 with registration N37267, in a hanger with the United painted on the side of the fuselage between Doors 1 and the over-wing exit doors.

The tail features the United globe logo in blue, rather than a golden globe on the current livery, while the engines have been painted blue.

A United Boeing 787-9.
A United Boeing 787-9.

United has also been giving hints about the new livery on social media.





    Simply Ugly

  • Wayne


    Interesting how the plane going into the hanger looks to be an 800 series, but the plane actually being painted appears to be a Max8. Though with a few on the ground at the moment would be smart to rebrand them whilst they are out of service.

  • Ben


    I actually don’t mind it. The only thing I don’t like is the lettering over the windows. Why can’t they just put the ‘United’ word above the window line. Would look a lot neater and uncluttered. As far as the overall livery goes, I think it’s a nice modern refresh and looks more defined and bolder than the previous livery. I always thought the previous livery looked too much of a messy mis-match of the old CO and UA liveries. This one still retains the globe but just looks nicer overall.

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