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New kit turns A320 passenger jets into freighters in minutes

written by WOFA | April 3, 2020

A new cargo seat bag that can repurpose an A320 passenger plane into a makeshift freighter has been given the green light by the European Aviation Safety Agency.

The new cabin interior modification kit, developed by Colibri Aero and J&C Aero, will also be used for humanitarian aid flights.

The cargo seat bag comes as a 76x76x147-centimetre kit for a triple seat, with up to 75 kilograms of cargo to be stored on the seat and additional nine kilograms under the seat, totalling 252 kilograms per a triple seat block.

J&C Aero’s A320 seat bags can rapidly turn a passenger jet into cargo (Airlinerwatch.com)

The kit includes a wide range of cargo types from postal correspondence, household goods, electronics and other commercial cargo to medical equipment and other kinds of humanitarian supplies.

The kits are developed in compliance with structural integrity, fire protection and emergency evacuation requirements.

J&C Aero chief commercial officer Laurynas Skukauskas told Aviation Pros, “We started the development of the modification back in 2019, with numerous testing and continuous consultations with both aviation authorities and airlines along the way.

“In February 2020, amidst the growing concerns over what now is known as the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to put additional resources to the project in order to have a certified modification as soon as possible.


“We are thankful to our team and European aviation authorities whose close co-operation will allow us to deliver the modification to the market at a time of need.”

Article courtesy of Airlinerwatch.com

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