Christopher Nolan crashes 747 into building

written by Dylan Nicholson | May 26, 2020

Christopher Nolan crashed an actual Boeing 747 into a building for his new $225 million film, Tenet.

The scene, first shown briefly at the end of the latest trailer, was subsequently confirmed as being real by lead John David Washington: “That was a real plane, and that was a real building that they crashed that plane into. And we, cast and crew, all witnessed it.

“It was epic! It was incredible, we all cheered and hurrayed and hurrahed when they yelled cut after Chris felt like he got it. What you saw is really what happened – at least the night I was there.”

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In fact, the actual aircraft, LN-WTJK, is cited on the planespotters website as still being at Victorville Southern California Logistics airport.

The film is speculated to launch during the US’s summer season, making it one of the last major blockbusters not to be shifted to later in 2020.

The new Top Gun, James Bond and Wonder Woman films all have delayed releases due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Nolan is no stranger to using practical effects over CGI; the rest of Tenet is flooded with even more real-life effects, and in Interstellar, the filmmaker created physical sets such as the cockpit for the film.

He has claimed that 2017’s Dunkirk was made without the use of green screens at all, and the gravity-defying fight sequence in Inception was completely practical as well.

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