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Podcast: Can sniffer dogs and pay later offers get us flying?

written by Adam Thorn | August 25, 2020

With air bridges opening and closing causing travel chaos for the industry, could the solution be… sniffer dogs? It sounds bizarre, but the UAE certainly thinks so, and research in both the UK and France supports claims that hounds have a 90 per cent accuracy in whiffing out COVID-19.

In this episode of the World of Aviation podcast, host Adam Thorn and Christian “Boo” Boucousis continue to discuss the most chaotic period in the history of our industry. In particular, they’ll look at other plans – mutts aside – to get customers flying again, which this week has also included a planned fly-before-you-pay deal set to go live in the US.

They also dissect two major Boeing announcements, including the start of British Airways sending its 747s to the Spanish scrap yard as well as a possible rebranding of the grounded MAX. Will customers and the industry really get behind the plane with a new name?

Finally, they’ll ask just how Singapore Airlines burnt through so much of its bailout so quickly, and reveal the results of the US Air Force’s man versus AI fighter pilot competition. Spoiler alert: it’s bad news for Boo.

Enjoy the podcast.

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