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Podcast: How can a sonic boom disrupt the French Open?

written by Robyn Tongol | October 8, 2020

Last week, a French fighter jet broke the sound barrier above Paris, causing a sonic boom that wreaked havoc across the city while the French Open was in play.

This week, the World of Aviation’s resident fighter pilot, Christian “Boo” Boucousis, tells host Adam Thorn exactly how it works – and its implications for commercial supersonic travel.

Plus, with the A380 now all-but retired, the team discuss Singapore’s plan to turn the aircraft into a restaurant where aviation enthusiasts can enjoy a nostalgic meal. Will anyone choose to dine in economy?

Finally, Adam and Boo ask whether UV light is the answer to cleaning planes or just a PR exercise to keep airlines top of mind while aircraft are grounded.

Podcast: How can a sonic boom disrupt the French Open? Comment

  • Colin


    Oh my Lord- re supersonic flight. What’s it like in the aircraft – you don’t feel it as much because you’re wearing all this gear and protected!! You’re part of the aircraft so you’re also moving faster than the speed of sound!! Consequently leaving the shock wave behind!! Maybe the passengers in Concorde should have suited up in Gsuit and helmet too. Sorry but what a dumb question- obviously has no knowledge of aviation and should not be involved in an aviation discussion. Appalling that that was not removed from the podcast

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