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Podcast: Airbus trumps Boeing and Malaysia’s bizarre A380 advertisement

written by Robyn Tongol | July 21, 2021

This week, Malaysia Airlines posted a LinkedIn advertisement to sell off its six remaining A380s for scraps, while Airbus strengthened its foothold in the narrow-body market.

In this episode of the World of Aviation Podcast, host Adam Thorn and reporter Hannah Dowling take you through the data of Airbus’ new ‘monopoly’ over narrow-bodied jets, how it managed the feat, and what this means for the industry moving forward.

Plus, the crew discusses Malaysia Airlines’ latest attempt to bring in extra cash through offloading its six remaining Airbus A380s – via LinkedIn.

Also, the team reveals the latest update in the Transair Boeing 737-200 freighter that was ditched in the ocean earlier this month, and the possible safety concerns that underpinned the incident.


  • Robert Morrison


    With all the complications of daily living with the Covid pandemic, I think one of the sad by-products is that after all the initial excitement of airlines buying the “new” A380s, it’s so sad to see airlines now selling them off for scrap.

  • Alan


    Looking at the massive Airbus Beluga twin engine taking off on its test flight, how good would it be if the A380 could be converted to a twin engine player to save these beautiful aircraft. Unlikely prospect I know but just thinking.

  • Andy


    What would be wrong in converting the A380’s to a freighter configuration?
    Removing two engines sounds nuts.

    • Phil Davis


      the idea of an A380F was considered during planning the airframe. To convert existing 380 airframes could be fraught. The floors aren’t designed for freight carriage … plus juz how does freight ride up top .. most likely the nose would have to be like the 747F ..

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