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Cuba releases final report on 2018 737-200 Cubana de Aviacion crash
Air Crash Investigations

A 737-200 chartered by Cubana de Aviacion that crashed at Havana in May 2018 took off with weight and balance calculations errors, investigators have found.

Pakistan International Airlines overruns runway on landing

A Pakistan International Airlines ATR 42-500 has overrun the runway after landing at Gilgit Airport. The incident occurred on Saturday July 20,

South Korea releases final report on 2016 UPS MD-11 runway overrun

South Korea has issued its final report into a UPS MD-11 that overran the runway at Seoul Incheon Airport following a rejected takeoff in 2016.

Russia releases final report on 2018 Saratov Airlines AN 148 crash

Saratov Airlines Antonov AN-148-100 that crashed in February 2018 suffered from ice in the pitot tubes and the crew's erroneous actions, investigators said.


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