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pilot shortage
Why diversity in the cockpit will avoid a looming pilot shortage

The pandemic has forced school closures across America, but it’s also disrupting aviation training programs, vital to faciliating more gender diversity.

TBT: When is a flying career just a job?

With ever changing demands of what it takes to pursue aviation as a career, and pilot shortages affecting Qantas, we look back at one pilot's point of view.

On demand: Will the gig-economy for professional pilots takeoff?

With the global pilot shortage regularly making headlines, having pilots able to urgently provide short-term services makes sense at face value. But the increase in on-demand aircrew service providers and agencies looks set to be tested by aviation regulators.

TBT: Short skilled, aviation careers in a time of stress

With the pilot shortage a topical issue in August 2018, today’s Throwback Thursday feature from a previous issue of Australian Aviation goes back in time a decade to revisit our August 2008 analysis of the then looming aviation skills shortage.


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