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Inside Aviation: Cathay negotiations sour

In this week’s Inside Aviation, Phil and Adam discuss the fallout from the contract negotiations at Cathay Pacific, with reports of ultimatums and huge salary cuts.

Podcast: Can Qatar recover its reputation?

Host Adam Thorn and regular guest Christian “Boo” Boucousis discuss the fallout from the Qatar invasive search scandal and whether the airline can recover.

Inside Aviation: Qatar responds to invasive search scandal

The story that 18 women from Australia, the UK and France were invasively searched by Qatari authorities at Hamad Airport this month has refused to go away. In the last few days, the Qatar government has finally issued an apology – but it seems to be more concerned with shifting the emphasis onto the missing baby. On

Podcast: Whatever happened to the jet pack man?

Host Adam Thorn and regular guest Christian “Boo” Boucousis speculate just what might have happened to the infamous jetpack man as new sightings emerge.

Podcast: How can a sonic boom disrupt the French Open?

The World of Aviation’s resident fighter pilot, Christian “Boo” Boucousis, tells host Adam Thorn how sonic booms work – and its implications for supersonic travel.

Podcast: In conversation with a US TOPGUN instructor

In this special episode of the World of Aviation podcast, Adam and Boo speak to a man who taught US Navy pilots on the very same TOPGUN course that the movie was based on.


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