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Sale of five ex-RAAF C-130Hs Indonesia confirmed

written by WOFA | July 26, 2013

C-130Hs on the Richmond flightline on the final day of operations. (RAAF)

Australia has sold “at a discounted rate” an additional five ex-RAAF C‑130H aircraft and associated equipment to Indonesia.

“The sale of a further five C-130H transport aircraft will further enhance Indonesia’s capacity to respond to natural disasters and humanitarian crisis,” Minister for Defence Stephen Smith said.

A memorandum of sale covering the five aircraft, a C-130H simulator and spare parts was signed by Australia’s Chief of the Defence Force, General Hurley, and Indonesia’s Head of Defence Facilities Agency, Rear Admiral Lubis.

“The sale of these additional aircraft and associated equipment reflects the strength of the bilateral relationship between Australia and Indonesia, and the close ties between the Australian and Indonesian Defence forces,” Smith added.

The sale follows the November 2011 donation of four ex-RAAF C-130Hs to Indonesia. These aircraft are currently being delivered to Indonesia.


  • Blind Monkey


    So will this Australian tax payer contribution to Indonesia assist it to detect boat loads of asylum seekers departing its territorial waters? Because none of Australia’s numerous previous partial ‘donations’ have thus far.

  • Peter T


    @ Blind Monkey

    Does everything have to come back to “stopping the boats”?
    Are there no other reasons that it would be in Australia’s interests to bolster Indonesia’s airlift capability?
    Are boat-borne asylum seekers THE most pressing security issue facing Australia that everything must be analysed and weighed according to how it might “stop the boats”?

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