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Tigerair rebrand marks fresh attack on Australia’s budget airline market

written by WOFA | July 3, 2013

The first rebranded Tigerair A320. (James Morgan)

Soon to be Virgin Australia controlled Tiger Airways Australia has been rebranded as Tigerair, with the airline’s first aircraft to feature a revised livery and logo unveiled at Melbourne Airport this morning.

The name change and dropping the leaping Tiger logo for large ‘Tigerair’ titles promises to be the first step in the airline’s rebranding and repositioning as it comes under Virgin Australia control and seeks to move on from the brand damage caused by its 2011 grounding, turn around heavy financial losses, and grow to become a more aggressive competitor to Jetstar in the Australian low cost airline market.

“Today’s announcement is a strong statement reinforcing that we mean business and we are ready for change,” Tigerair Australia CEO Rob Sharp said in a statement. The airline also promises that is is “making a number of fundamental changes to its core processes to make travelling Tigerair an even better experience”. This includes a “new-look” website and “new customer facing products [which] will be announced over the coming months”.

“Today’s news is much more than just a fresh coat of paint and a new logo – it is the start of the revival of our airline here in Australia and should be seen as reinforcement of our commitment towards continuous innovation and improvement,” Sharp promised.

“However, we have a long way to go. Our two key priorities now are to create a stronger operating platform that can deliver growth and to build a sustainable business that brings greater competition to the Australian budget carrier market.”

After being revealed in Melbourne this morning, A320 VH-VNQ operated to Alice Springs on the first rebranded Tigerair flight.


  • Lachlan


    They have a lot more than colour and pretty pictures to change. Their entire business model is horrendous and I really don’t know how they could call it “Sustainable”.
    Lets hope Tigerair does a complete re-brand and start fresh. Perhaps not like Virgin and there smoking mirrors.

  • Rodney M.


    Jetstar is too solid, too big, too advance. With A320 to B787, long established, enthusiastic staff. Operating domestically, regionally, internationally. Have a customers, know how and healthy and big heart of almighty
    QANTAS group. United with vision in aviation almost 100 years of serving in this blessed land and world wide!.
    All ways yours Rodney Marinkovic Aircraft Mechanical Engineer(ret.) Sydney / Kraljevo-Serbia.

  • Marcus


    Goodluck Tiger! $77 million loss two financial years ago, $66 million loss last year…..

    Jetstar is supreme

  • Ben S


    Terrible livery, who designed this, Virgin?
    They will not compete with Jetstar, I give them 2 years.

  • Pablo


    I think that the load factors with full flights say something is changing, and for the better!
    I choose to fly Tigerair because they are not taking my business for granted like jetstar and qantas did when they are the only carrier servicing my home port!

    Go Tigerair!

  • Nikee


    Rodney that is the biggest load of rubbish. Virgin was once a start up airline going up against the all might Qantas and now look at them.

  • Reg Truble


    Go back to basics. Make the aircraft look appealing, make the interiors inviting, give a fair price to the consumer, introduce a loyalty programme that truly rewards and the people will come, IT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!

  • Andrew


    If you are trying to rebrand to get away from the past, why still keep ‘Tiger’ in the name?

  • BH


    If VA can transform Tiger into something similar the original virgin budget model then Jetstar should be wary. Tiger needs to scrap the dirt cheap service that often put customers off side and concentrate on customer service. Sure the prices may go up to meet those of Jetstar but I don’t think people will mind if they don’t have to read and worry about so much fine print on their tickets.

  • Joel S


    It’s not a question of whether they will succeed, it is a question of how much of the market they will take. The Australian domestic air travel market is in some need of LCC competition. Virgin’s backing should definitely boost the customer service experience that Tigerair is desperately needing. I am looking forward to the prospect of leisure flying with Tigerair, consider bringing over the Velocity program and continue to maintain OTP and that may make me fly for business as well. I look forward to seeing the rebranded Tigerair in action!

  • Dave


    Like putting lipstick on a pig… However you look at it, it’s still a pig!

  • James from Sydney


    Perhaps they should have gone with TigerStar with lots of grey.

  • Peter Rutten


    From 2 leased planes flying 3 routes in 2000 to god know how many planes & routes today, the Virgin Australia Group has surely turned into a runaway monster…..who would of thought!!!!!

  • Michael Anderson


    Tiger will make it.

    Most of the critics are Qantas staff worrried about their very overpaid jobs or people who have never flown them.

    Be interesting to see how long it takes Virgin & Air NZ to send Tiger acorss the ditch. It’s the perfect vehicle for thos thin routes such as old Kiwi Air routes, such as to Hamilton, Palmerston North + posisbly Rotarua & Invercargill.

  • Dee


    I doubt Tiger will join the Velocity program, they would be far better off with a fly six sectors and get the seventh free, or something similar, which is a true cost saving LCC loyalty scheme as used by some U.S. operators, which delivers the seat when you want it.

  • random


    It would appear that Tigerair is a global re-brand, not just a name change for the Australian arm…. so little choice or benefit in straying from the brand completely.

    Also, anyone have any thoughts on why Tiger seems to have avoided the Townsville market. Whilst much of the travel is business making it a different market from Mackay and Cairns, there is nonetheless a significant leisure market. Routes like Melbourne direct (currently only serviced by Jetstar) seem to be very under resourced, but neither Virgin nor Tiger have seemed to be interested to this point.

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