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CAE wins New Zealand T-6C sim contract

written by WOFA | July 3, 2014

The first RNZAF T-6C takes off in June. (RNZAF)
The first RNZAF T-6C takes off in June. (RNZAF)

CAE has announced it has been awarded contracts to provide the Beechcraft T-6C ground-based training system and services for the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF).

CAE was awarded the contracts by Beechcraft to develop and support the T-6C ground-based training system (GBTS). GBTS is an integrated training system that includes two T-6C operational flight trainers (OFTs), computer-based classroom training systems, and courseware customised for RNZAF pilot training.

To this end, CAE has established CAE New Zealand Pty Ltd to provide long-term training support and maintenance services at RNZAF Base Ohakea to support the 11 T-6Cs in service, the first of which made its first flight in June.

The OFTs will include a high-fidelity replica of the T-6C cockpit with a fully-enclosed 270 degree by 70 degree field-of-view display system, the CAE-developed common database (CDB) which is an open database architecture that enhances the ability to correlate and rapidly update databases to support training and mission rehearsal requirements.

The T-6C GBTS will be delivered to Ohakea in 2015.


  • Andy


    Buy a few more AT-6 and give the RNZAF abilty of FAC and limited semi-fast air to help the Army out in training and give the RNZAF a few teeth in remberance of 75 squadron 2 squadron 15 squadron and start rebuilding the skills that have been removed by Helen Clarks PM Goverance ! Or misguided lodgic

  • Raymond


    Andy – absolutely agree that the RNZAF should acquire some AT-6’s. This would be a logical next step and you just might see this come about, particularly should the present government be reelected this year for another term.

    I believe that the Key Government is doing their best to reverse the damage done to the NZDF, however understandably this takes time. Let’s hope that the Nationals are returned in order to continue the rebuilding of the NZDF, especially as the NZ economy is prospering under good, sensible government.

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