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Category: Rotor

Mars Helicopter fails first attempt at fourth flight

NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter was unable to take off for its fourth test flight on Mars on Thursday due to technical difficulties, however NASA is confident the fourth flight can be completed on Friday. According to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in southern California, data received back from Ingenuity on Thursday morning shows it did not

NASA’s Mars helicopter flies further and faster than ever in third successful flight

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter has officially flown further and faster than ever before, with its third successful flight test on Sunday exceeding parameters of the flight tests on Earth. Ingenuity’s third flight test saw it soar five metres high, the same height as its second test, before flying a total of 50 metres downrange, just

History-making Mars helicopter completes second flight test

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter has successfully completed its second flight test on the surface of Mars, flying higher and farther than it did during its first test earlier this week. Ingenuity’s second flight, which occurred on Thursday, saw it fly five metres above the Martian surface over Jezero Crater, an area now dubbed Wright Brothers Field.

Comment: Why the first helicopter to fly on Mars is such a big deal

Earlier this week, the Ingenuity helicopter — which landed on Mars with the Perseverance rover in February — took off from the Martian surface. More importantly, it hovered for about 30 seconds, three metres above the surface, and came right back down again. It may not sound like a huge feat, but it is. Ingenuity’s

Cambodia set to see its first Bell 429 with new purchase deal

Cambodian real estate and banking conglomerate Chip Mong Group has come to an agreement to purchase a Bell 429 GlobalRanger helicopter from Bell Textron, making it the first sale of the aircraft in Cambodia. Chip Mong, one of Cambodia’s largest and most diverse companies, has said it intends to utilise the six-seater Bell 429 twin-engine

Australian tech company unveils warning system for wrong surface landings

An Australian tech company has developed a new early warning system that can detect aircraft approaching to land on the wrong runway or helipad from up to 500km away. SkyNet Aviation’s LASAW product uses AI to monitor up to 500 aircraft at 1-second intervals and crucially works on rigs and vessels. Previously, those working on

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