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Category: Space

Mars helicopter successfully completed its 7th Red Planet flight

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter has successfully completed its seventh successful flight on the Red Planet entirely as planned, following an in-flight technical glitch that occurred on its sixth attempt last month, according to the space agency. The Ingenuity rotorcraft took off at roughly 12:34 local solar time (11:54am EDT), where it flew a total of

Branson races Bezos to space

British aviation entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson appears to have set his sights on beating fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos to space, just days after his rival announced his intentions to blast off in July. Both Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Bezos’ Blue Origin ventures are working hard to create a new trend of ‘space tourism’, in which

Virgin Galactic to again attempt third spaceflight on VSS Unity

Virgin Galactic is preparing to finally perform the third crewed test of its VSS Unity spaceplane into suborbital space on Saturday, 22 May, following an earlier false start in December. Sir Richard Branson’s space tourism company will complete the third flight test of its SpaceShipTwo Unity spaceplane on Saturday, pending weather and final technical checks.

Comment: The science of landing things on Mars

In this cross-posting with The Conversation, space historian Osnat Katz discusses the difficulties of landing objects and aircraft on Mars, and those who have failed in their attempt. China’s rover Zhurong, named after the mythological fire god, successfully touched down on Mars on 14 May – the first time that China has successfully landed a

Listen: First audio recording of Mars helicopter revealed as new demonstration phase begins

NASA has confirmed that its groundbreaking Mars helicopter Ingenuity has successfully completed its fifth test flight, and revealed the first audio clip taken of the rotorcraft buzzing through Martian skies. According to NASA, its Perseverance rover on Mars was able to use its SuperCam microphone to record the first ever audio clip of an aircraft

NASA gears up for Ingenuity’s fifth flight

NASA is preparing for its Mars Helicopter, Ingenuity, to take its game-changing fifth flight on Friday. According to the space agency, Ingenuity will take again to Martian skies at 3:26pm EDT on Friday, with its flight data expected to hit NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in southern California by 7:31pm EDT that same day. According

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